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Verified by Psychology Today. The Angry Therapist. Dating and relationships are hard enough, online dating mixed signals with great communication. Misunderstandings cause us to build on sand. Trust becomes difficult to produce and keeps healthy and lasting love at a distance. Mixed signals leave two people reacting to false information. Add to that our ego and fear of being vulnerable, and our dating experience or relationship can go south pretty quickly. When you add to the mix texts, social media, dating apps, and emails, there is even more room to miscommunicate.

All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions of Service. Or maybe your growing relationship suddenly went cold when she started acting distant. Or perhaps the other person made an out-of-the-blue comment that caused you to wonder where you stood. Sound familiar? Try not to waste too much energy online dating mixed signals wondering what is happening on the other end. Time will reveal all. Take off your blinders.

You hear it time and time again: Communication is key to a successful relationship. They tell you they need space, then text you all day long. What gives? Mixed signals might as well be ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics when it comes to the energy it takes to decipher them. But once you get to the root of where the miscommunication is coming from, you can begin interpreting online dating mixed signals mixed signals really mean for your relationship—and communicate in a way that makes you both feel heard and understood. To help you unpack mixed signals in your love life, HealthyWay sat down with Shirani Pathak, LCSW, a relationship counselor, holistic psychotherapist, and founder of the Center for Soulful Relationships.
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The most integral aspect of any relationship is communication. We meet someone and talk with them so we can get to know them. We realize we like them and communicate our attraction through body language and conversation. There is no other way to become enamored with someone, online dating mixed signals they with you, than to exchange thoughts, ideas and signals. The tricky part, however, is communication can be confusing. Sending and receiving mixed signals is common in communication, especially between men and women who have just started dating.

Jump to navigation. There are many different reasons a person could start sending mixed signals. Usually it's a sign that they're not sure what they want for themselves, but the concept is a little more complicated than that. Even if a person doesn't know what they want, they can still be ready for a relationship - ultimately, most people go through life with elements of self-doubt or uncertainty as to how their future will pan out. What these are vary from person to person. What this doesn't account for is the strain on your emotions in the meantime - while you partner grapples with their own problems, it can leave you wondering why if they can't fully explain or it express it themselves. This might online dating mixed signals easy to accept on a rational level, but if you still feel emotionally uncertain this is no comfort. The reason for this, of course, is one nagging thought that won't go away: 'What if he's just not that into me? How do you know if a guy is really interested? How do you know love truly is on the cards?

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